About Us

About Us

We’re a privately owned traditional sweet company that was established in Wigan, England 1898 by a gentleman named William Santus. The ownership has been passed down through the family generations and is currently owned by John and Antony Winnard, Williams’s great nephews.

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are still manufactured using the same traditional methods as when Mrs Santus originally made the sweets in her kitchen in 1898. The completely natural “secret recipe” has been passed down through the family generations. Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls contain no artificial additives or colours, they are GM free, gluten free and are suitable for the vegetarian / vegan market.

Legendary Status

Chocolates and toffees come and go in fads, but the perennial appeal of “Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls” lives on and after all these years the factory remains. The same sweets are produced in the same, careful manner; over gas fires and hand-made. How many Wiganers at the turn of the century could ever have imagined that the delicious minty sweet they enjoyed was to become such a local legend?

Our Future Targets
  • Increase availability of Uncle Joe’s products to consumers in the UK and international markets.
  • Ensure brand values and attributes are conveyed to consumers.
  • Introduce Uncle Joe’s Favourites range to supplement and augment Mint Balls’ proposition.
  • Build a long term and sustainable brand within the sugar confectionery product category.
Our Mission and Strategy

“Our mission is to be the best known, handmade mint in the world”

“Our strategy is to encourage consumers worldwide to enjoy the unique experience of eating Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls”

Our Values

We all work together towards the same values and goals that were set over 120 years ago. “To provide customer delight in quality of service and product through the growth and development of our people. To be professional in our actions and ethics, and to profit through our efficiency and productivity”.