Not so much a boiled sweet – more of a national institution

. We know of no other sweet that attracts such a devoted following. Eulogies such as these testimonials are received daily from all over the world. Over the years we have produced millions of Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls and exported them all over the world. Toffee universal One taste and you’re hooked for life. Do you know anyone that doesn’t like them?

I first had uncle joes mint balls when I went watching wigan rugby at central park in 1946 with my dad Tom who was the official photographer there. The love of uncle joes products is still with me today and has been passed on to my children and grandchildren. My first present this xmas is a packet of winter nips.lovely jubbley.””

Graham Gerrard- UK

“Hi, i just thought i would congratulate you on your production of Winter Nips,i hadn’t seen them for years so purchased some,it took me right back to my childhood.Keep up the good work.”

Margaret Bradshaw – Wigan, Lancashire

“Two very special people I know gave me a tin of your mints on their past visit to the US. I really enjoyed them, the tin especially, since it will always give me great memories of two amazing friends. I thought that you would like to know that your mints have brightened someones day in another country. x”

Brian Herzog – US

“On a trip back to Wigan I bought some Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls for my husband who has been a great fan ever since! We live in Sydney, Australia and have now found a shop over here that sells them.”

Chris Fuller, Australia

“Today is the first time that I have tried Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls – Absolutely delicious! I have just sent for a 1.8-kg jar of them. Keep making them – at last a perfect mint.”

Ashley Lane, Nottingham

“I’m originally from Leigh and was brought up on Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls – Keep up the good work!”

Michael Broome – Craigmore, South Australia

“On holiday in Spain recently we gave an Uncle Joe’s Mint Ball to the hotel’s resident entertainer who had a sore throat. In no time at all he was singing like Pavarotti.”

James Hunter, Union, West Virginia, U.S.A