The high demand for William Santus’ toffee forced another move, one that was to last until the present day. Construction commenced on a new factory. at Dorning Street, off Wallgate. “The firm are to be congratulated” stated the Wigan Observer that year “on their enterprise in embarking on their new development as it will find employment for a considerable number of people.” The new factory was soon completed at a cost of £2,400 and “Swinley Confectionery Company” underwent another change. Mr Fortune retired from business to become a Justice of the Peace and so the name of the firm was altered to “William Santus and Company”. Obviously, production increased and new workers were hired. Mr Santus began an informal policy of only employing staff if they met two criteria. Firstly, they had to know someone who already worked at the factory – and they had to be Methodists. This assured that the working atmosphere was always friendly and happy. He was a good boss; firm but fair and the workers had a healthy respect for his temper!