Uncle Joe’s – Traditional Sweet Shop

William Santus Co Ltd has been making mints and traditional sweets by hand since 1898, in fact you could say it’s the ‘Original Traditional Sweet Shop’ and is the home of the world famous, Uncle Joes Mint Ball. Chocolates and toffees come and go in fads, but the perennial appeal of “Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls” lives on and after all these years the factory remains. The same sweets are produced in the same, careful manner; over gas fires and hand-made.

The company have been manufacturers and sellers of traditional sweets for over 100 years and the sweets are still made with the original recipes at our factory in Wigan, Lancashire; how many Wiganers at the turn of the century could ever have imagined that the delicious minty sweet they enjoyed was to become such a favourite all over the world and now available to buy online.

Uncle Joes – A Real Taste Of Tradition

Uncle Joes (William Santus Co Ltd) is a traditional British sweet retailer selling old-fashioned, traditional sweets, retro sweets and candy gifts. With a fantastic range of old-school, retro sweets that taste delicious.

You are welcome to take a look at our mouth-watering retro sweets, we guarantee you won’t believe how many old favourites you’ll find we stock (as well as some new ones), all available with lightning-fast, world-wide delivery.

Types of Sweets The Best of The Old and New

As well as our traditional favourites such as Winter Nips, Aniseed Twists, Dewdrops and Jelly Beans we are continually introducing new, exciting flavours all made in the traditional way and available to the trade and public to buy direct from our website. Our ‘Uncle Joes Premium British Mint’, has been re-packaged, focusing on its 116 year old recipe that is naturally Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans. The new packaging not only improves the shelf life and general quality of this product it also increases its attraction to restaurants and coffee shops that wish to offer the ‘Premium British Mint’ individually to their customers. Most recently we have introduced our new summer ‘Favourites Range’, Cloudy Lemonade, Dandelion and Burdock and British Strawberry, all of which are available to order online through our website.

Traditional Sweets Made the Old Fashioned Way, for Years.

We all love to walk into a local shop, or confectionery store and find sweets that whisk us back to our childhood. With William Santus you get a real taste of nostalgia and tradition. We’ve been making sweets and Uncle Joes Mint Balls at our Wigan based factory for years and because of our dedication to authenticity our factory has been featured in many TV programmes and films including ‘Northern Soul’ and the recent BBC drama series ‘From There To Here’.

Our Sweet Shop website uncle-joes.com, is full of nostalgic memories and your favourite retro sweets. Walk through the door of our factory and be transported back in time when making a mint meant exactly that, making all your favourite sweets using traditional ingredients and secret recopies handed down over generations. You can savour the flavour of what we are about, as you will find photographs of our staff from years ago working and making our traditional sweets and details on the process of how we make our sweets and mints.

Enjoy yourself as you take a trip down memory lane, you’ll even be able to listen to comedian Mike Harding sing the song he wrote for us as a fan of Uncle Joes Mint Balls.

Buying Our Sweets

Buying your favourite sweets couldn’t be easier. You will find William Santus, Uncle Joes Traditional Retro Favourite Sweets in supermarkets, local and specialist traditional retro sweet shops and worldwide, online at our website uncle-joes.com with special offers and discounts for buying in bulk always available.

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